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Value Proposition 3 Steps to 5 Stars!

At Creekside Homes, we have worked hard to set our company apart from the competition. We have done this by pursuing and offering a five-star experience for each and every one of our clients. We seek to raise the bar for the construction companies in our industry. There are three things that allow us to set a five-star experience for each client. The first thing is our people. We recruit and train the top players in our industry. We have a great team of people, and we share some common values that we think are very important and will be very valuable to our clients. The kind of values that we share are excellence, teamwork, an own-it mindset, and being results-oriented.

These things are what bring us together and allow us to deliver results over and over for our clients. When I started out my career at an early age, I was involved in a lot of trade work and cut my teeth in construction, in nailing boards together, and putting buildings together from the ground up. This really gave me a foundation for understanding what it takes to build a home and what it takes to remodel a home. That led to learning how to design and organize, and improve spaces.

My pursuit of continuously improving upon what we do in the construction industry, what I do as a professional, has led to the creation of Creekside Homes. What you see in this company is an outgrowth and continuation of these ideas into a company that is continuously improving and always looking to deliver the best results possible for our clients. We brought Isaac Mitchell into the company. He has over 20 years of experience working in the construction industry from the ground-up. He has done many different trades and worked in different companies over the years. Isaac is able to organize projects and resources and ensure that each one of our project managers and our subcontractors are on point in delivering what you and your project need. We have Mario, who works as CFO. The bulk of his career was spent working with blue-chip companies. Helping them overcome hurdles with their companies, profitability, etc., and he’s now taking that experience and bringing it to small business.

We’re glad to have him. We have Eric as our architectural designer. He has over 15 years of experience designing architectural spaces, from celebrity residences to commercial buildings to home remodels. He’s very, very skilled at doing that and his resume is great. I’m sure you’ll like the creativity and spark that he brings to your project as you work with him on our team. We have Christine working with you hand-in-hand as our customer service representative. She has many years experience both in this industry and in other industries, helping people have a good experience through a long process like building or remodeling a home. We have Kevin, Luke and Sheldon, who all are top-tier professionals that care deeply about their clients and seek to deliver their projects on time, on budget and with great quality.

You will love the way they treat you. The second thing that we do differently to create a 5-star experience is our integrated process. The first thing we have is our people, the second is our process. Now we’ve spent years refining this process—value streaming, writing it out, and finding ways to improve it.

Whether it’s a new home or a remodel, you’ll get a complete set of construction plans.

Team Creekside Homes - Value Proposition 3 Steps to 5 Stars We are very excited and proud of the process that we created and the way that we’re able to deliver that to you. So to just break that down for you here, we begin with the dream phase. During that dream phase you’re going to see some specific things accomplished. Number one: we’re going to draw your plans. So, whether it’s a new home or a remodel, you’ll get a complete set of construction plans. There’s going to be architectural pages, structural pages, finish pages; everything that’s needed for both you to understand what you’re getting and for us to be able to get a permit from the building division. You will also receive a full set of specifications. This is a written narrative that describes makes and models and colors of everything that’s included in your project. Now part of our commitment to you during this dream phase is architectural design, interior design, siteplan creation, everything that’s needed to fully understand your project. You’re going to receive complete paperwork on all of that information.

Once all those documents are created, we are then going to create an exact budget and specify exactly what this project will cost at this location. The culmination of the dream phase will be delivering a full set of plans, full specifications, and an exact budget. Then you move into the construction phase. During the construction phase, we built a process around the things that matter most in construction. Number one is quality. We want you to have top-notch quality on your project. One of the things we’ve done to ensure that quality is maintained consistently is to create a 1,000-plus point checklist that we routinely check over each project, at specific stages in the project, to ensure that quality is maintained consistently.

We do not leave quality to chance hoping that maybe a project manager catches something or that the building inspector won’t miss something. We check every project diligently to make sure that the quality is top-notch. We want to make sure the budget is kept on track. Our project managers are reconciling the budget every week to make sure that your project is on track as much as it possibly can be. The schedule is important. We manage that. We pay close attention to the timing and report weekly if are we on track or if we are off. We use scheduling software to make sure that we can project the dates accurately and communicate with all parties involved. You can also expect, during the construction phase, to have a weekly check-in with your project manager. You will be able to hear from him about what happened the previous week and what’s coming up in the coming week.

You will also be able to ask any questions of your project manager to make sure that you and our team are communicating well during this process. You will have online access to our project management website to be able to view all the details of your project. So you will be able to see all your financials, specifications listed, the communication will all be centralized through that and you will be able to check in on the status of your project. Our clients that are out of state or travel a lot love this feature because they’re able to stay in touch with their project even when they’re away. The third thing that allows us to deliver a five-star experience is simply our execution. We are focused on this process that we created and we have a great team of people to do it.

We work together and consistently execute this process for each of our clients because we want you to be a happy customer.

We want to see you thriving in your new home. We want to see the results of the design work that we collaborated with you being delivered in the way that that you can most enjoy. We want to see your life improved upon in this updated home or this brand new home in your beautiful setting. That is how we deliver to you a five-star experience.

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