The realities of building your custom home are becoming clearer and you’ve narrowed down your quality home builder list.  What should you expect from the builder you choose?  There are four key areas that may help you determine what’s most important to you.  Whichever way you rank these aspects, may be the deciding factor in which builder you finally select.

Four primary specialties:

Quality:  A home builder takes pride in furnishing a quality product, especially in the custom home market.  This same company strives to have premium workmanship, with a high degree of excellence.  They encourage prospective clients to look closely at their previous builds.  Each home is unique and provides comfort, quality, and luxury, with outstanding craftsmanship.

Speed:  An on-time completion date is crucial.  However, you do not want your builder to sacrifice their quality to meet deadlines.  When a builder does miss a time frame, they should be proactively communicating with you regarding these changes.  They should then provide you with an updated time table to complete the job at hand.

Service:  A home builder who is only attending to the needs of the now, is not giving you superior customer service.  The builder should be providing their customers with excellent communication and tend to the needs of the homeowners before, during and after their home is completed.

Price:  A top-tier company should deliver good value at a fair price.  Consider this, the best companies aren’t usually the cheapest, but they’re probably not the most expensive either.  An honest builder will provide you with a budget for the cost of goods and installation and communicate any price differences that come up during the build.


When reviewing your quality home builder list, know what is important to you and adjust your expectations. If you are on a strict time-table, then speed is where you need to focus your attention.  However, if price is something that is non-negotiable, then choose the contract with the lowest price.  Maybe communication is extremely important to you, then the customer service a builder can bring to the table is where you should focus.  Finally, if you value quality, be sure to look for a company that has honed their craft and has a keen eye on ingenuity.  You can get the results you want in a quality, custom home; just be sure to select your builder based on what you truly value.