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Q&A – How Long To Build A New Home Or Remodel

What is the typical timeline for my project?

So I’m going to break this down and this is going to include all the different types of projects that we do. So just follow along here. But the first thing that happens when you’re ready to move forward is you will sign the design agreement with us. That design agreement covers the first stage of work that we refer to a few times as our “dream phase.” So during that dream phase,” of course, you’re going to get a plan, specs, and budget created and know exactly what your project can cost.

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That phase usually takes about one to two months. Now. That being said, we have a written process that we can take people through that in a shorter amount of time. The length of time that the dream phase takes comes down to how well you’re able to make decisions and stick to those decisions. Once the dream phase is complete. We will deliver to you a construction agreement, you will sign the construction agreement and we will begin your project.

The next phase begins with getting the building permits. The building permits are going to take anywhere from a couple of weeks to six months to obtain. Now there’s a big range there, and I can give you a quick breakdown of some of these areas. If we’re in the city of McMinnville or Yamhill County, you’re probably going to be in that two to three-week range. If we’re in Tillamook County or Washington County, it’s going to be close to six months.

There’s just an extra amount of paperwork, the extra review process, and the red tape that these places have that causes your project to take longer to get the permit. But that is the typical time range for building permits. Once your project is ready to start, construction time varies based on size and complexity. The time it’s going to take for a custom home that’s less than 3000 square feet is going to be around six to eight months of construction time. For a custom home that’s over 3000 square feet you’re going to be more in the 8 to 12-month range and, of course, beyond that, it can definitely go from 12 to 18 months for anything over about 5-6,000 square feet. Those are the typical time frames for new construction.

For remodeling, if you have a kitchen or a bath, that kind of project should take around two to four weeks. If you’ve got a whole house to remodel, of course, that can be more of a three to four-month time frame depending on the extensiveness of the remodel, or if there’s an addition where you need to add square footage again, you can still be in that three to five months time-frame. But these are the typical time frames and the typical timeline that you can expect for your project.

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