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What is our policy on change orders?

Because we have a very comprehensive design-build process, we expect, and often see, that our clients don’t need very many change orders. The reason for this is that we’ve so thoroughly planned the project. Everything has been selected in advance, so there’s rarely a need for a change. But in the case that we need a change order, we absolutely can do one. We do charge $250 for the change order fee. Now, this fee is incurred whether or not you go forward with the change order. The fee is for us to do the research midstream of the project.

When somebody wants to, in the middle of a project, “what would happen if we did this” after everything’s been planned, all the plans have been created, the project is going, and the permits are done, it’s hard to stop a project and change gears. And so we want to make sure that the time for our staff is covered and that the amount of effort that goes into researching, possibly changing, maybe changing, maybe not changing, coming back in, and then making the decision to go forward is covered. It affects a lot of people and we want to make sure that the cost is covered for our team to do that.

And so it’s a very reasonable fee and we’re happy to make changes to your project, as you need. Because at the end of the day, you’re going to live there for a long time and you want to be happy with it the way it is.

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Know what you can afford before you begin.

For the past eighteen years, my company Creekside Homes has been building magnificent, custom-designed homes for the luxury market. The information in this guide (highlights from my years of experience) will help you make more informed choices and have less stress and greater confidence throughout the entire process.

build a quality home book

Let’s build your dream home in McMinnville, OR

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Are you ready to get started, or have questions, just fill out the easy online form or call 503 389-6890

Here’s to building your dreams…!

Andrew Burton home designer


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