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How to go about finding a Competent Builder


Before shovel meets dirt on your new custom home, finding a competent builder needs to take precedence.  There are many moving parts to consider when building a brand new construction.  You’ll want someone with the ability to balance your wants and needs for the home while working within your budget.

Potential new homeowners who receive bad advice from a builder can equal wasted time, money, dreams and possible lawsuits.  So, before you start down that path, there are ways to protect yourself and your investment.

First, research custom home builders in your area.  Once you have chosen companies you are interested in, it is highly recommended that you conduct an interview.  This should help determine the right person for your project.

Second, you should speak with their clients.  Builders should feel confident in providing their current and completed projects to you.  They should be equally comfortable including contact information, so you can speak with the customers directly.

Some important questions to ask their clientele; was the builder reliable, clean and easy to get a hold of?  Were they willing to have weekly meetings to discuss the status of the project?  Most importantly are they willing to provide accurate quotes and work within your budget?  Or, are they willing to drop costs too easy to make your plan happen?  The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), provides seekers with additional tips on How to Choose a Home Builder.


You’ve selected the custom home builder, now what?


You and your builder should complete a pre-construction meeting, this will prepare you with the timeline of the building process.  This should include everything from permitting to receiving the Certificate of Occupancy, and all of the steps in-between.  The builder should provide you with a contract, which everyone signs and is in place prior to construction beginning.  There should also be a payment schedule set, most importantly, you should not be asked to provide all your money up front.  The NAHB also provides a helpful suggestion of Questions to Ask Your Home Builder.

Once construction has started and all through completion, your home builder should be by your side guiding you through the entire process.  This allows you to feel confident and secure in your decisions.  Their firm should have an excellent reputation and be up-to-date on building codes, land, and procedures.  It may be a challenge to find a skilled builder that meets your expectations.  However, if you do your homework and find a competent craftsman, the home you have dreamed and planned on can become a reality.

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