Is your home design flawed?

Send us a video clip of it!

Do you look at your home and wish you could redesign it to meet your needs now and for your future? Do you have that one room, that if it was slightly tweaked, would be perfect? If so, we are looking for your help!

Creekside Homes is seeking video clip submissions from anyone who lives in a home that isn’t designed to suit their needs. If you could create your ideal home, what would be the one design flaw you would avoid?

Shoot us a quick video of the area in your home that drives you crazy and you wish was different. This could either be a selfie video or just shooting the space without you in it. Extra points to getting actor (friends) to demonstrate how the home design flaw is a daily problem.

We will select and compile the Home Design Flaw clips to be included in some upcoming marketing videos, which may be used in various forms of local visual media.

Send your videos to We will respond with a simple use and rights release granting us permission to use the content you submitted.

Thank you for your help and look forward to viewing your videos,

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