You’ve done the research, you’ve found the most Competent Builder you can find.  You’ve seen their work, you’ve interviewed their previous clients and they have a great reputation.  Yet, you’re unsure of how you truly feel about them.  Does that matter?  Do I have to like my Builder?

Let’s approach it this way.  Would you enter into a long-term relationship with a partner you didn’t like or trust?  What if you had to depend on that same person to make important decisions on your behalf?  Could you rely on them during great times of stress?  When challenges arise, are they there to help guide you?

All of these issues can and will arise during the home building process.  So, if you don’t like your builder before you’ve even signed a contract, where do you see the relationship in another six months.  Actual construction time may range from 6 to 24 months or longer, depending on the size and scope of your home.  Plus, you may need additional information for years to come regarding warranty items or sub-contractors, just to name a few.

That is a longstanding partnership to enter into, with someone you had an aversion to at the start.

When you choose a builder, you need to find someone you trust and can depend on.  During the construction process there will be times when your builder will be making judgement calls on your behalf.  Sometimes these decisions are made, unknown to you, and that is just part of the business.   If you’re not confident enough with your builder to make decisions on your behalf, then why would you entrust them to build your single most important investment?

When it comes to your home, choose a builder that will be making choices as if it were their own.  Someone who takes the same care, as if their family’s safety depended on the decisions that were made.  An individual who is not just building for profit and not just what passes code inspections.  But a builder who is by your side from foundation to final, and beyond.