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Choosing Perfect Home Colors

Selecting the right color palette for your home is more than just an aesthetic choice; it’s a deeply personal decision that sets the tone for your living space. Colors have the power to influence mood, create ambiance, and reflect your unique style. In this guide, we’ll explore how to choose the perfect home colors that […]

Q&A – Why A Contingency Home Loan?

Why is it necessary to maintain a 10% buffer in case something goes wrong? Pricing in the economy has been somewhat unpredictable as of late. Taking up a sizable project can be a risky proposition if you don’t already have some savings under your belt. Therefore, in order to ensure that you are able to […]

Q&A – How Much Do Change Orders Cost

What is our policy on change orders? Because we have a very comprehensive design-build process, we expect, and often see, that our clients don’t need very many change orders. The reason for this is that we’ve so thoroughly planned the project. Everything has been selected in advance, so there’s rarely a need for a change. […]

Q&A – How Long To Build A New Home Or Remodel

What is the typical timeline for my project? So I’m going to break this down and this is going to include all the different types of projects that we do. So just follow along here. But the first thing that happens when you’re ready to move forward is you will sign the design agreement with […]

Q&A: Why Are Written Home Construction Specifications Important?

Q&A – Why Are Written Specs Important We have written home design and custom construction specs, and we have all this process designed around the specs because we have to keep clear communication. When we’re passing a complex project from one stage to another, from one person to another, it has to be well-documented and […]

Value Proposition 3 Steps to 5 Stars!

At Creekside Homes, we have worked hard to set our company apart from the competition. We have done this by pursuing and offering a five-star experience for each and every one of our clients. We seek to raise the bar for the construction companies in our industry. There are three things that allow us to […]

Q&A – Why Schedule A Job Site Visit With Your Builder

Why it is important to schedule a job site visit to your custom building project? So I have a builder friend who had a bad situation occur. It’s an awful situation, but similar things have happened more than once. This builder had a client come out to the project on the weekend. The project was […]

Q&A – How Much Does It Cost To Build A New Home, or Remodel Your Existing Home.

Question: What will my project cost? Custom Home Builder Answer: This is an important question. So, let me go over some typical price range expectations with you. If you’re looking at a master bathroom remodel, you’re going to be somewhere in the range of $80-100,000 for a typical master bathroom remodel. https://vimeo.com/779658271 If you’re looking […]

Needs vs. Wants when planning your new home!

Figuring out needs vs. wants for your family can be quite challenging.  This is especially true when building a custom home.  Each person usually comes to a build with a slight variation in the total outcome.  So, how do you parse out what the most important wants and needs are for your new house? Planning […]

Why Price Isn’t Always the Most Important Factor? 👀

Why would your leads choose you when your competitors charge less? In this episode, Rick interviews Andrew Burton from Creekside Custom Homes & Remodeling. Listen in the episode below as Andrew shares how he’s uniquely positioned himself as the builder of choice, even when his competitors are cheaper. https://youtu.be/maYWLHgqPk4 Why are some home builders & […]

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