Moving Day Tips from Creekside Homes

A perfectly executed move, if it does exist, would still be fraught with a decent amount of stress. While the larger concept of moving represents new chances, new experiences, and new prospects – all good things – the actual act of moving is usually a drag. It doesn’t have to be awful, however. Make your moving day great by avoiding these common mistakes.

Putting off packing

Can you pack up your entire home and be ready for the move in a few days? Maybe. It may be possible. But rushing to pack is going to leave you stressed out. Packing is not that bad if you do it slowly, over time. As soon as you close on your new home and set a moving date, that’s when the packing should begin. Pack for 30 minutes each day, and you’ll be ready to go by the time it’s moving day. Start at the least-used rooms and areas in your home – that’s where you’ll find the most stuff you can throw away or donate. Work your way inward.

Refusing to downsize

Are you thinking about just packing up everything you own and taking it to your new place? You’ll sort it all out once you get settled in over there, right?

Wrong. You want to do your downsizing and organizing before you move, not after. Reducing your belongings beforehand will not only help you save on packing and moving time, but could help you save on moving costs in the long run.

Trying to do it all on your own

We are, by nature, stubborn people when it comes to moving. When it comes to asking friends and family for help, we tend to burden ourselves with more than we can handle as opposed to inconveniencing the people we love. This may be noble, but it’s not very smart. As long as you would do the same for them, it’s OK to ask for some help.

Or, you could simply hire some. Movers can get the job done in a fraction of the time and, since they are experienced, can usually move your items better than you can.

Choosing just any movers

Are all moving companies created equal? No, and you should do your research before hiring anyone to handle your most prized possessions. You should not choose the cheapest movers. Price isn’t everything. A moving company promising low rates is probably cutting corners in some other way. Be wary of any company that doesn’t want to survey your home and belongings first. Also be wary of any company that will not quote you a real, set price.

Forgetting to pack an “open first” box

What could be worse than getting into your new home, only to be unable to find your most important things – your toiletries, medications, financial documents, etc? Avoid this nightmare by packing an “open first” box that you keep separate from the rest of your boxes. Don’t let the movers take this box if you can help it. Put it in your car and drive it over to the new place, or at least ask the movers to keep this box in their cabin so that they can hand-deliver it straight to you.

The majority of moving day tips are not really “day-of-moving” tips. That’s because there’s not a lot you can do to make up for unpreparedness and lack of planning on the big day. In order to keep your sanity on moving day, you must think ahead, do your research and start early.

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