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Q&A: Why Are Written Home Construction Specifications Important?

Q&A – Why Are Written Specs Important We have written home design and custom construction specs, and we have all this process designed around the specs because we have to keep clear communication. When we’re passing a complex project from one stage to another, from one person to another, it has to be well-documented and […]

Q&A – Why Schedule A Job Site Visit With Your Builder

Why it is important to schedule a job site visit to your custom building project? So I have a builder friend who had a bad situation occur. It’s an awful situation, but similar things have happened more than once. This builder had a client come out to the project on the weekend. The project was […]

Welcome to Art Class! Create a Dream Home Notebook

Here’s How to Start to Develop Your Custom Home Design… Now you get to have some fun! While you continue to dream about the possibilities for your new, custom home, let’s create a “Dream Home Notebook.” Gather some magazines and tear out pictures of features you really like or want in your home and, just […]

Design Your New Home With Resale in Mind

Get Wise Counsel From Your Custom Home Designer and Builder! Who thinks about resale value when building a home? While it may seem odd for a person who’s building a new home to think about selling it, it’s important to address what you want and what the market wants even in the initial planning stages. […]

Where Should I Spend My Home Build Money?

What To Do Before You Build Making the choice to build a luxury, custom home can be one of life’s most rewarding adventures. Of course, a house is more than just a structure. It’s an extension of who you are. It’s the place you raise your family, dream your dreams, and live them out to […]

Building a New Home, Fixed Price or Cost-Plus Contract?

Constructing a Custom Home and Shopping for a Builder? You’re inching closer from the dream to the reality of building a custom home. You have purchased the lot and you’ve narrowed down your budget. The next hurdle, to find the right builder. This person must be someone you trust, like and is competent. Beyond that, […]

Finding a Competent Home Builder

How to go about finding a Competent Builder   Before shovel meets dirt on your new custom home, finding a competent builder needs to take precedence.  There are many moving parts to consider when building a brand new construction.  You’ll want someone with the ability to balance your wants and needs for the home while working […]

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