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September 2021

Vendor of the Month

V&K Construction

1) Tidy Jobsite
2) Start/End
3) Communication
4) Quality Control
5) ReWork

“We value our trade partners and the work that they do! Each of our trade partners pour their hearts into their work to provide our customers with a beautiful home and a dream come true. Since quality and craftsmanship are so important to us here at Creekside Homes, we have created a program through which our trade partners can be measured and rewarded for meeting key criteria of performance. We routinely inspect our projects for quality, safety, and cleanliness. We have a standardized method for measuring these key elements to each project. We update this page monthly with an award acknowledging the trade partner who scored the highest for the previous month.”

A Vision For The Future

Tidy Jobsite 4/4

Actionable Issues

Start/End On time 2/4

Contribute to a Cause

Communication 4/4

Procedures and Performance

Quality Control 4/4

Craftmanship Issues

No Re-Work 5/5

Contribute to a Cause

OVERALL 19/20 

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